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Integrative mental health coaching is the way of the future as more research determines that holistic approaches are incredibly effective in reducing certain types of mental health conditions, thus healing the body from disruption. Improvement of your mental health can support a myriad of other health and lifestyle factors.

Mind Over Matters Holistic Mental Healing is a coaching service designed to help those seeking integrative approaches for relief and healing of stress, anxiety, and depression from work environments that affect their mental health. We also identify personal trauma that prevents you from optimal productivity.


Professional Empowerment

Find relief from negative work experiences that contribute to anxiety, stress, and low-grade depression; thus crippling you from being productive in the workplace.



Commit to healing from anxiety, stress, and low-grade depression due to personal pain that has limited you in moving towards an emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual harmony and productivity.



Organizations struggle to identify consistent issues that create an unhealthy working environment for employees. Work with Aria to identify risks and create solutions to increase the mental wellness and productivity of your most valuable asset – human resources.


About Me

Hershey Brown (BKA Aria Craig – pen) is a Bestselling and Award-Winning Author of The Single Mother Diaries™, Board Certified Holistic Mental Health Coach, Certified Parent Coach, and Co-Parenting and Blended Family Expert.
Through Mind Over Matters – Holistic Mental Healing, Aria provides relief and healing through holistic approaches for those suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, and low-grade depression due to work-related stress or personal trauma that interrupts productivity.
With her empowerment books, Aria builds resilience, ambition, and courage for moms who are single, divorced, and blended, and for children dealing with social stigmas.

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 Aria has been a guest speaker, panelist and writer for several events and media publications.

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