Holistic Mental Healing


Workplace stress is an ever increasing problem for organizations. Bullying, burnout, and unfair treatment yield high turnover, absences and leaves, and disgruntled employees. The results can lead to anything from low productivity and moral – increased costs – to legal action – increased liabilities. Both reduce either internal or external brand reputation. Yet, mental wellness is not a factor that employers consider until the damage is almost irreparable. 

Learn more about how Aria can identify the risks and problems in your organization and provide solutions to improve the mental and emotional well-being of your employees. 

On the Horizon: Mediation, Negotiation, and Ombudsman Services as part of  In Agreement Dispute Resolutions Services.

Frequently asked questions from organizations:

Absolutely. Due to Covid-19, all webinars are virtual. Please click the Contact Aria button to schedule an appointment for webinars specific to mental wellness for organizations or speaking inquiries.

This option will be available Spring 2021. We are working to develop workshops for organizations to help develop and implement tools that improve the mental wellness of their employees, thus productivity.

Yes. An assessment is completed and solutions unique to your organization are provided. Please click the Contact Aria button to schedule an appointment to discuss.

The client will need to complete a Request for Permission of Information form to allow us to provide any information to his or her employer.

We currently work with companies in the healthcare and legal industries. We will expand our services for the right organization that needs our support.