Are you looking for the right person to empower your audience and engage them in transformation thinking? How about a book reading or workshop? That is where I enter. I have spoken to groups from tenacious single and divorced moms desiring personal and professional motivation to aspiring college graduates.  Some events include MommyCon, WVON 1690AM Radio,  Aglow Single Parents, and A Women’s Narrative to name a few. 

To view my speech on How Childhood Bullying Impacts You as an Adult


  • Narcissist abuse
  • Dysfunctional relationship with mother, father, and/or siblings
  • Divorced & blended parenting
  • Guilt and shame
  • Anger and unforgiveness
  • Work-related stress and burnout
  • Fighting systemic racism in the workplace
  • Change in career / entrepreneurship

Parenting Topics Include:

  • Co-parenting strategies
  • Blended family dynamics
  • Boundary-setting as a parental unit
  • Respect from step-children and the other parent
  • Tough conversations with your children – sex, drugs, and bullying
  • Identify your children’s strengths to follow their dreams

Career Topics Include:

  • Promotion-worthy strategies in Corporate America
  • Fight stress, anxiety, and depression in Corporate America
  • Transferable corporate skills for entrepreneurship
  • Balance your busy work/home life
  • Being purpose-driven
  • Become a side business

Relationship Topics Include:

  • Dating 101 for single and divorced moms
  • Bounce back from a divorce (forgiving, healing, and moving on)
  • Being alone vs being lonely
  • Learn the signs of a narcissistic boyfriend/spouse
  • Pre-marital coaching specific for blended family structures
  • Know when to seek a professional licensed marriage and family therapist

Co-parenting and blended family structures add a level of stress and anxiety, as well - even depression.
For a healthier parenting or family dynamic, coaching from someone with experience can provide the steps towards the healing you need.