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3 Tips While Waiting on Love for Single Moms

Why do single moms feel as though they aren’t worthy of love just because they aren’t married with children? We place so much blame and guilt on ourselves while the fathers ride off into the sunset with the loves of their lives, who more than likely have children of their own. Stop torturing yourself! Love can be on the horizon for you, but you have to transform your thinking. Here are three of many tips I offer to single moms:

First, if you are searching for your Boaz, then please stop! It is not your duty to find anyone, but yourself. It is the man’s duty to find a good thing, so what are you searching for? Now, that doesn’t mean that you cannot flirt if someone interesting captures your attention. But, the keyword is capturing… which means he has done the searching. You are just acknowledging the gesture.
Second, know the difference between being along and being lonely. Sure there are occasions in which you’d rather have a companion. However, leverage this time. Instead of sulking about who you used to spend time with find a life-changing hobby, go back to school, or open that business. Focus on those short or long-term goals that you have kept on the back burner until you had time to revisit them. Not only will you realize you are no longer lonely and maximizing your time, but you’ll actually appreciate less distraction and possibly reinvent yourself in the process. When we are not paying attention is normally when things happen.
Last, learn when to introduce your love to your children. Now, some people believe a single mom should wait until she is engaged. Some people introduce them right away. What is my opinion of the matter? Glad you asked! Neither. You shouldn’t wait until you are engaged because both your partner and your children have to learn whether or not can interact with each other well. If you wait until you are making that type of commitment, then you are putting yourself in an unfavorable position if they have conflict. Also, introducing right away is a huge no-no! You have to learn if this person is right for you before you bring kids into the equation. Also, you don’t want your children to get attached. If something happens to your relationship, then it is a “death” to your children’s connection with your ex-partner. So, when is it a good time? Find a great balance in which you have dated long enough to see a future together and accept each other’s idiosyncrasies. Then be honest with your children at a level they understand. And be cognizant of the amount of intimacy shown in front of them. Children are smart and will catch on.
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